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A powerful solution for efficient company communication

Easily create, collect and broadcast content for your employees, always on time. Use HeyScale to organize your daily work or as a replacement of your company newsletter.

  • Painless employee communication
  • Target individual teammates or post to channels
  • Drive attention to your messages by sending them at the right time, to the right audience.
  • Improve operational effectiveness by keeping the whole team up to date.

Draft your messages now, send them later - always at the right time and to the right people.

Setting up HeyScale is easy. Just connect your Slack account and you are ready to go. Write engaging and meaningful content targeted to your co-workers. Choose a group of individuals or a channel and set the time you want the message to be sent.

Powerful Features to Improve Your Internal Communication.

Send out important messages always on time

Traditional company newsletter take a lot of time and there is always a piece missing. With HeyScale, focus on delivering the information and never miss a deadline.

Schedule Recurring Reminders

Stop wasting your time thanks to recurring reminders. Automate tedious tasks and focus on your business objectives.

Segment employees and send targeted messages

Your employees don't have the same need and don't require the same information to do their best job. We help you do better targeting and avoid give information to somebody who doesn't need it.

Plan ahead and organize your publishing schedule

Our calendar view will help you with planning and schedule publications ahead of time and get an overview of your internal communication strategy.

Create engaging call to actions for your employees

Sometimes, information require action. HeyScale will help you craft the ideal call to action to ensure the right action will be taken.

Collect content and assemble

Collect pieces and assemble into a well-structed publication so your employees get the right information and take action efficiently.